Bureau van contentement


A straightforward campaign website that makes you look good and makes visitors feel great? OK. A complex, interactive digital platform to star as the flagship of a comprehensive awareness campaign? OK. A highly elaborate, fully reliable corporate website that provides a user-friendly experience to boot? Ok. A mobile app that knows how to generate word-of-mouth? OK. Google ads and web banners with a high ROI? Ok. Any other creative online practices that we currently aren’t familiar with, yet can’t wait to discover? OK. The bottom line here is: whatever your online plans may entail, you can count on us to make them come to life. From smart strategies to highly creative concepts, dashing design and even the more technical type of support, Shortcut has your back. And our job doesn’t stop there, as we are highly invested (and interested) in post performance ad tracking to monitor your results.


While classic media outlets are still an indispensable part of an effective communication strategy, in this day and age, nothing beats the power of social media. That’s why we’re all about taking it to the next level, where we both play on and anticipate trends. Do you already have a powerful visual identity , with a strong logo and a corporate identity that can be consistently transferred to all of your material and actions? Are you working on employer branding, i.e. making your organisation attractive to potential employees? Do you want to make a lasting impression by creating a  campaign concept  that is guaranteed to make the papers? We’re ready when you are. Shortcut’s fields of expertise encompass communication and media strategy, broad campaign concepts, vision and mission statements, logos and corporate identity, photo shoots and film productions, classic formats such as print, adverts, banners, displays, exhibition stands and gadget ideas.


If there’s one thing we can’t emphasise enough, it’s the vital role that social media has swiftly come to play in brands’ communications strategies today – which means it’s crucial to know your way around it.  We organise concise workshops to teach your employees about communication dos and don’ts. We keep our ear to the ground so we can keep track of what social media has to say about your brand, company, industry and competition; we research your target audiences, your influencers and your current approach. We then incorporate all our findings into a tailor-made solution, which comes complete with an action plan and clearly defined targets. And, if you’re not quite sure what you would like your story to be, we are more than happy to support you in terms of content and community management: we can develop new creative content, or adapt your current information to a social media context. Over time, we have also become slightly obsessed with the art of performance reporting. We study, analyse and compare the results, and then redirect when necessary. So just remember: the community’s already out there, now we just have to make it yours.


Those who deliver content – online, offline, on social media – and aim to compel, captivate, entertain, raise awareness and interact with their audience…must ensure their content is creative. Creative with a capital C, and creative within its genre: compellingly written press releases, challenging posts, disruptive tweets, convincing ads, life-changing posters, slogans that truly hit home, appealing visuals, animations that will take your breath away… However, creativity should never outweigh relevance. In other words, it’s not about pursuing gratuitous creativity, but relevant creativity. It’s about turning intelligence into magic, as our British idol John Hegarty would say. See it as operating from a place where brains meet artistry, where people excel – and have fun while they’re at it. That’s the kind of creative content we want to deliver.



Patrick De Win - Creative Director

The former Saatchi man, better known as the brains behind “Thomas. 6 jaar voor altijd”, is the driving force (of nature, if you will) behind all of the agency’s creative strategy, copy and concept work. Possesses a sense of humour so dry not even the Sahel can compete. Idolises Dr House to such an extent that you can sometimes even catch him with a stethoscope around his neck.

Feels content at the sight of coffee machines with a water tank filled to the brim.



Angelo Callant - Client Service Director

Has a Master’s degree, but for some reason people keep calling him the Bachelor – making him the only Shortcutter of interest to the paparazzi. Has high hopes for his Twitter account and is addicted to Whatsapp, which he uses in frantic bursts to call attention to any and every trend related to politics, digital, marketing, music, film and his private life.

Angelo feels most content at the prospect of an ice-cold Pepsi Max, a spag bol at De Meyboom (popular restaurant in Brussels) and the German motorway.