• VSV – Motorrijder campagne 2017

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    Shortcut recently developed a new awareness campaign for VSV (Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge), calling attention to the fact that many accidents between drivers and motorcyclists could be avoided if only we looked through the other’s eyes. Print, video and radio campaign.

  • VSV – De Grote Verkeersquiz 2013

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    De Grote Verkeersquiz 2013 from ShortcutAd on Vimeo.

  • VSV – De Grote Verkeersquiz 2015-2016

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    VSV’s (Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge) Great Traffic Test helps thousands of Flemish people brush up on their traffic knowledge every year. In 2016, Shortcut managed to get even the Pro League involved. A broad social media campaign encouraged football fans to take part in the quiz and defend the honour of their teams. The...