Patrick De Win - Creative Director

The former Saatchi man, better known as the brains behind “Thomas. 6 jaar voor altijd”, is the driving force (of nature, if you will) behind all of the agency’s creative strategy, copy and concept work. Possesses a sense of humour so dry not even the Sahel can compete. Idolises Dr House to such an extent that you can sometimes even catch him with a stethoscope around his neck.

Feels content at the sight of coffee machines with a water tank filled to the brim.



Angelo Callant - Client Service Director

Has a Master’s degree, but for some reason people keep calling him the Bachelor – making him the only Shortcutter of interest to the paparazzi. Has high hopes for his Twitter account and is addicted to Whatsapp, which he uses in frantic bursts to call attention to any and every trend related to politics, digital, marketing, music, film and his private life.

Angelo feels most content at the prospect of an ice-cold Pepsi Max, a spag bol at De Meyboom (popular restaurant in Brussels) and the German motorway.